Despicable Me
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… obsessed with the moon. Felonious Gru (just “Gru” to both friend and foe) built himself an astronaut costume out of cardboard that he wore when he watched the Apollo moon landing. Wide-eyed, he repeatedly shared with his mother his dream of one day going to the moon, and she repeatedly shot him down. She also failed to notice that her son was an engineering prodigy. No, she was not a good mom.

Living… in sweet suburbia, albeit very out of place. Wedged among a row of identical houses with white picket fences and neatly trimmed hedges, Gru’s charcoal-colored gothic monstrosity of a house is rather conspicuous. Gru has furnished his living room with an iron maiden, a panda fur rug, and a couch carved out of a crocodile. He has a pet, an alien-looking “dog” named Kyle. His car might be described as a towering rocket-powered titanium slug and is most definitely not street-legal. Beneath his home lies his expansive underground lair, staffed by his army of minions. The minions are small, yellow Smurf-like creatures, nearly impossible to tell apart from one another, though Gru is somehow able to refer to each of them by name. The minions worship him like a rock star.

Profession… villain who is currently trying to steal the moon. Alas the shrink ray he pilfered to do the job was stolen away, and he can’t get into the criminal’s lair to get it back. That’s when he notices that three orphan sisters selling cookies are given entrance. That gives Gru the bright idea to adopt the girls just long enough to help him steal the moon. Of course, Gru knows absolutely nothing about being a parent, and at the moment he really doesn’t care. But his intentionally hard heart might be no match for the cuteness of Margo, Edith, and Agnes.

Interests… his freeze-ray gun, and smileyface-dotted underwear.

Relationship Status… single. Although he has invented a fake dead wife named Debbie. He plays the “dead wife card” when it can be leveraged for his personal gain.

Challenge… stealing the moon while riding herd on three young girls. Gru is keen to restore his former status as the world’s greatest villain, and the moon theft will do the trick. Additionally, he needs his plan to succeed so he can repay his considerable debt to the Bank of Evil, headed by the unforgiving Mr. Perkins. But Gru had no idea what he was getting into when he decided to adopt the girls as a means to his despicable ends. Now he’s in danger of actually having feelings. Bah!

Personality… tough with a softer side. Gru is the ultimate super-villain, determined to prove he's the best by trying to shrink and steal the moon. However, he's more misunderstood than evil, and if he'd rule over the world like he takes care of his three cute daughters, we'd be in good hands.


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