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Sesame Street

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About Him

Living… on Sesame Street, with the rest of his friends and neighbors.

Profession… depends on the day. Grover has a wide range of skills that he uses in various jobs, most notably as a waiter at Charlie’s Restaurant. He’s worked as a cab driver, a painter, and soda jerk, and a photographer. As he puts it: “I have so many jobs because I am a multi-talented monster!”

Interests… acting and traveling. Grover is a frequent actor at Sesame Street’s local “Monsterpiece Theater,” where he often holds star roles. In addition, he's fluent in Spanish and loves traveling, often recording video postcards of fun things he sees on his journeys around the world. Grover also bears a striking resemblance to the superhero known as SuperGrover, and though he denies any association with the masked caper, the two have never been seen in the same place.

Relationship Status… single. Grover isn’t concerned with anything romance, and prefers to spend time with his good friends Kermit the Frog and Elmo.

Challenge… getting everything done. Since Grover works so many jobs, he’s frequently still getting the hang of new situations. In addition to that, he has to try and curtail the antics of some of his friends, such as Cookie Monster and Oscar the Grouch. This, coupled with teaching his friends new Spanish words, means that Grover’s days are more than full.

Personality… adventurous and hard-working. Grover is energetic, and usually picks up new challenges with gusto. As a result, he often ends up in various corners of the world, seeing exciting sites and meeting new people. However, Grover ambition can also leave him blue when he feels he can’t get something done. But thanks to his friendly countenance, Grover has plenty of friends willing to cheer him up and set him back on track.

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