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Wallace and Gromit

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About Him

Living… somewhere in Britain, with his master and best friend Wallace. Gromit rises early every morning to read the newspaper and cook breakfast. Since Gromit is a dog, he has to communicate to Wallace through facial expressions. Gromit prefers a simple life, but Wallace’s poor decision-making frequently requires Gromit to save the day.

Profession… co-owner of Anti-Pesto humane pest control. Second to none in customer satisfaction, Anti-Pesto provides comprehensive protection of its clients’ vegetable garden – complete with electronic security systems and emergency response. Most of the pests they capture are rabbits. Once captured, they become “inmates” in Wallace’s basement.

Interests… knitting, playing chess, and Wallace. Gromit is hoping to win the town’s most important annual event, the Tottington Hall Giant Vegetable Competition. 

Relationship Status… single. Though he's the yin to Wallace’s yang. Even though Wallace is Gromit’s master, Gromit is Wallace’s caretaker. He has Wallace on a strict diet, and saves him from himself. 

Challenge… neutralizing the giant were-rabbit. The beast is ravaging the town’s vegetable gardens by night, and threatens the Giant Vegetable Competition. Plus, Gromit always needs to keep Wallace from doing something silly, or clean up the aftermath of Wallace inevitably doing just that.

Personality… highly intelligent (in ways that Wallace is not), observant, wise, and handy with power tools. Most impressively, Gromit thrives under pressure. He may not be able to speak, but his expressions are worth a thousand words. Or a few hundred, anyway. Wallace is lucky to have him.

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