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Griffin Mill

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Overview... Hollywood studio executive searching for the next big thing. Unfortunately, most of the scripts that come through his doors are breathtakingly bad. And by this time in his career, Griffin has enraged enough turned-down screenwriters that he regularly receives death threats in the mail. Griffin must now figure out not only what the hot new thing is in Hollywood, but also discover who is threatening him, before it’s too late.

Personality... greedy, chatty, the king of the “meet ‘n greet.” Griffin might act like your friend while you’re in a meeting together, but he might just walk out the door and throw your script on a slush pile of unread material before you can say “green light.” Griffin prides himself on being a clever producer, and believes that finding real talent means sacrificing the (professional) lives of hundreds of writers in order to come across that one gem. Plus, it never hurts if you have Julia Roberts or Bruce Willis attached to star.

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