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Grew Up… the daughter of a Delftware painter. Through her father she learned to appreciate the art of color and hue in painting, a skill she would develop throughout her life.

Living… in the Dutch Republic, specifically in the year 1665. Her father has recently gone blind and is no longer able to support the family. To make ends meet, Griet becomes a maid for a successful painter, Johannes Vermeer. Soon, though, Vermeer and his patron, Van Ruijven, notice her beauty. Ruijven subsequently wishes to acquire Griet for his own household.

Profession… maid. She is a skilled housekeeper and has been taking care of her own household her entire life. Now that she has the opportunity to be paid for her work, she is not going to let her effectiveness go unnoticed.

Interests… paintings, and avoiding the smarmy approaches of Van Ruijven. She says, “I may only be a maid, but I would never give in to Master Van Ruijven.”

Relationship Status… single. She is sought after by numerous men, though few are interested in actually marrying her. One pure suitor is Pieter, a young butcher who wishes only for Griet’s “smile,” or so he says. But, Griet takes time to warm up to Pieter.

Challenge… supporting her aging father. This is the driving force of her work at Vermeer’s home. But once she’s there, other challenges arise, like avoiding Johannes' jealous wife.

Personality… shy. She keeps most thoughts to herself, especially at her place of work, seeking to avoid Madame Vermeer’s bad side. She knows when to keep her head down, and when to speak her mind. She is a pure soul, whose inner thoughts are perhaps better expressed through Vermeer’s painting of her.

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