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Grew up… in Minnesota where she practiced violin and played second base in the sixth grade softball league. But Gretchen was destined for bigger things. She graduated from Stanford summa cum laude, and she was also crowned Miss America in 1989. 

Profession… previously a co-anchor of Fox and Friends. But she has since been removed and transferred to a much less viewed program after complaining to Roger Ailes, Chairman of Fox News, about being the subject of degradation by men on camera. Despite this setback, Gretchen proves herself triumphant in another setting, raising the show’s ratings by 15%. 

Challenges… working with attorneys Nancy Erika Smith and Neil Mullin to file a lawsuit against Roger Ailes. Her attorneys warn her that Ailes will stop at nothing to ensure his reputation remains untarnished, including taking down her personally. 

Personality… patient, sweet, and easy-going on camera. But off-camera? She’s tough as nails. She’s always one step ahead in the game, ready to face any adversities that come her way. Gretchen is outspoken, and she won’t stay silent when something needs to be said. She is also protective of the people she empathizes with. Above all, despite all that she has endured, she remains optimistic. 

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