Greg Serrano
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Greg Serrano

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

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About Him

Living… in West Covina, California, a small suburban town. Everyone says the beach is only two hours away, but Greg knows it’s at least four hours away, especially with traffic. Greg feels stifled by his small town; he feels like he’s meant for things bigger than West Covina.

Profession… bartender at a sports bar near a little league field. Really, Greg wants to go to business school, but he needs to spend his time and money begrudgingly taking care of his sick dad. Maybe someday…

Interests… being right. Greg prides himself on being at least slightly smarter than most people he meets. He believes that he’s able to see through people for who they really are, and most of the time he’s right. But, sometimes he can read into things a little too much and find faults where there are none, like with his mom and step-family.

Relationship Status… single, and usually unlucky in love. But when kooky, effervescent Rebecca Bunch moves to town, he can’t help but be attracted to her. Though once he notices some of her more unsavory attributes and starts to see through her shenanigans, his interest in her wanes.

Challenge… reaching his goals and being happy. Greg has a bit of a tendency to self-sabotage. Even though he dreams big, he still ends up stuck in West Covina, and some of it is his fault.

Personality… serious, earnest, and smart. Greg is very perceptive, and sometimes believes in his own judgments a bit too strongly. He could really succeed if he didn’t feed into his tendency to squander his goals and settle.

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