Greg Focker
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Greg Focker

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About Him

Grew Up… in Detroit with the unfortunate name of Gaylord Focker. Understandably, he just goes by Greg now.

Living… in Chicago with Pam, a teacher he deeply loves. They have been happily living together, and Greg wants to take it to the next level and get engaged. But Greg’s proposal is delayed when he learns that he must first ask Pam’s father, Jack, for permission to take Pam’s hand.

Visiting… Long Island with Pam to attend the wedding of Pam’s sister. Since Pam’s family will all be together, he thought it would be the perfect time to talk to her father and propose. Unfortunately, his engagement ring is in his lost baggage – a sign his trip is not off to an auspicious start.

Profession… nurse. Greg loves his job but gets frustrated when people claim it’s a profession for females. He says he excelled at the MCATs but decided to become a nurse instead of a doctor because he loves helping people.

Interests… smoking, but he’s trying to kick the habit on this trip. He heard that Pam’s father considers smoking a sign of weakness.

Relationship Status… hopefully engaged soon. Though Greg his work cut out for him to be accepted into their tight-knit family. As he discovers, Greg is up against not just any father of the bride, but an ex-CIA agent. And things get even more complicated when Pam’s ex-boyfriend shows up who is a great looking millionaire. Pam tries to reassure Greg that their relationship was “only physical,” but that makes Greg even more anxious. 

Challenge… his mouth. Greg desperately wants to impress Pam’s father and ex-boyfriend, so he exaggerates at times. Jack calls him on his boasts, including about Greg’s claim that he once milked a cat. Instead of fessing up to his “little white ones,” Greg continues to dig himself deeper and deeper...

Personality… neurotic and insecure but well-intentioned. He proves himself as someone who doesn’t hold well under stress, and a destructive, angry side begins to creep out as the pressure rises. 

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