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Greg Brady

The Brady Bunch

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About Him

Living… in the Brady household in Los Angeles with his father Mike, stepmother Carol, two younger brothers (Peter and Bobby) and three younger stepsisters (Marcia, Jan and Cindy). Though in the Brady home, the only “steps” are the ones leading to the second floor; they’re a true family by choice, regardless of blood. Even so, as Greg gets older it’s harder for him to be one of the pack with his younger siblings. He increasingly wants his own space and independence. He’s not ready to move out, but he’s hoping to move to the attic soon.

Profession… high school student. Greg’s had as ideal a high school experience as one could hope for. He’s good at sports without being a “jock,” and good with girls without being a jerk. But at times he excels at these extracurricular activities to the point of putting them before schoolwork, occasionally dreaming of a career in professional sports or music. For now, he’s stuck going to class.

Interests… football, surfing, and music. Greg is an aspiring singer who almost caught a break performing under the name “Johnny Bravo.” Record producers handpicked him to be the next big teen idol. But when he found out the producers were manipulating his voice on the records and mainly wanted him for his looks, he walked away.

Relationship Status… single, by choice and habit. Greg is known as a “ladies’ man” at school, and his reputation somehow doesn’t precede him in a bad way. At times these various trysts overlap, at which point Greg might ditch the less desirable girl with the line, “Something suddenly came up.” Naturally, he learned a lesson when someone used the same line on him. Greg’s not a creep though, just girl-crazy. It’ll likely pass.

Challenge… math. His skills on the football field don’t necessarily translate to algebra. It doesn’t help that he has a massive crush on his teacher. There’s also the occasional head-butting with his sister Marcia, like when they both ran for class president. Greg’s campaign manager suggested smearing Marcia with rumors, but Greg couldn’t go through with it. He ended up winning once she forfeited.

Personality… confident, at times verging on arrogant. But Greg never goes over the edge. He has a habit of self-correcting anytime he oversteps his personal moral code. He’s a firm believer in fair play, discounting the time he made a phony playbook for a rival football team (which has really cheated first, after all). While Greg enjoys his status as the de-facto leader among his siblings, he’s also the first to defend them in times of turmoil.

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