Gideon Gleeful
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Gideon Gleeful

Gravity Falls

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About Him

Living in… Gravity Falls, Oregon. Lil’ Gideon lives with his parents, who he treats more like slaves. 

Profession… child psychic who performs wonders in his “Tent of Telepathy.” Lil’ Gideon owns a factory, which is full of merchandise he sells. 

Interests… Mabel Pines, the great-niece of local mystery expert Stan Pines, who owns the local tourist trap, the Mystery Shack. Gideon soon becomes obsessed with Mabel, and will stop at nothing to make him like her back. But at the same time, his psychic business rivals the Mystery Shack, and Mabel’s Great Uncle Stan does not approve of him. 

Relationship Status… single. And pining (no pun intended) for Mabel. Lil’ Gideon developed feelings fast for Mabel, but she doesn’t feel the same way. But one thing about Lil’ Gideon is his persistent…

Challenge… wooing Mabel. Lil’ Gideon thinks the only thing standing between him and his happily-ever-after is Dipper Pines, Mabel’s twin brother. But Lil’ Gideon will stop at nothing to claim Mabel for himself. 

Personality… charming, deceitful, and short-tempered. At first glance, Lil’ Gideon and his adorable southern accent seem simply delightful. But Gideon is actually manipulative, and will stomp on anybody to satisfy his hunger for power. He will stop at nothing to gain powers. Gideon’s psychic abilities are definitely a sham, but Gideon always has something else up his sleeve…

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