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Grew Up... grudgingly good. Tall, stern, and antisocial, Esmerelda “Esme” Weatherwax – Granny to her friends, Mistress Weatherwax to everyone else – grew up with the perfect face for a Bad witch. Unfortunately, after her sister, Lily, took a turn for the Bad, Granny was left to be the Good witch.

Living... in the Lancre, a kingdom famous for producing a high number of witches. Among them, Granny is probably the most famous. Not that the fame brings any material benefits, but Granny is fine with her cottage on the outskirts of Bad Ass as it is, thank you very much.

Profession... witch, and a damn good one at that. In fact, among the citizens of Lancre, Granny is often considered one of the best witches in history, something she is well aware of. Luckily, Granny has the skills to match her reputation. Less luckily, witchcraft also comes with one of the few activities Granny has no talent at: social interaction.

Interests... despite her talent for it, not using magic. Whether it's in a neighborly dispute or a fight for her life, Granny would rather use what she calls "headology," a combination of obfuscation and subtle psychological manipulation.

Relationship Status... single. As a young woman, she had a fling brief fling with Mustrum Ridcully, a magician. But while the relationship ultimately failed, the two still get along and Granny has no regrets.

Challenge... battling both supernatural beings and her own inner nature. Power comes with risks, and in addition to the various monsters a kingdom like Lancre inevitably attracts, Granny has to fight the part of her that would still rather be Bad. As she wistfully tells Lily, "If I’d been as Bad as you, I’d have been a whole lot worse. Better at it than you’ve ever dreamed of.”

Personality... sharp, self-assured, and frightfully competent. No-nonsense from her black hat to her sturdy boots, Granny Weatherwax is a deeply practical woman who would rather give people what they need instead of what they want. Yet in spite of her lack of social graces, Granny knows well the value of others' lives, staunchly telling a preacher that "sin, young man, is when you treat people as things." More than anything, it is this respect for others that puts Esmerelda Weatherwax on the side of Good.

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