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Graham Hess


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About Him

Grew Up… a pious man. Graham is a former Reverend who stopped believing in God after his wife passed away in an accident.

Living… on a Pennsylvania farm. He’s with his brother and two children, Morgan and Bo, but he has had an extremely difficult time since the accident. Even though he cares deeply about his children, he is often impatient with them.

Profession… farmer. A series of mysterious events have taken place on the Hess farm: his cornfields have been vandalized and turned into crop-circles, the dogs have become violent, and there have been reports of mysterious lights in the sky.

Relationship Status… widowed. Since the death of his beloved wife, Graham has turned into a cynical and jaded non-believer. He no longer thinks that events have any significance. He angrily says, “I’m not wasting one more minute of my life on prayer. Not one more minute. Understood?”

Challenge… keeping his family safe. When Graham discovers that the crop circles are actually the work of extraterrestrial invaders, he decides to take every precaution necessary to keep his children alive.

Personality… tough, cynical, and protective. Graham is not willing to experience any more loss, especially that of his children. He’ll do anything to keep them safe from the aliens.

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