Graham Dalton
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Graham Dalton

Sex, Lies, and Videotape

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About Him

Living… out of his car. Graham prefers a simple life. He hasn’t settled down in a while. “Right now I have one key,” he explains to his old friend John, “y’know everything I own is in the car… I like that. If I get an apartment it’s two keys. If I get a job, y’know, I might have to open or close, that’s more keys. Buy some stuff, afraid it’s gonna get ripped off, you get more keys… I just like having the one key. It’s clean.”

Visiting… his old friend John in Baton Rouge, where they went to school together. Graham and John have drifted over the years. Once close friends, John began to pay attention to his career and family while Graham just stopped paying much attention to anything. He’s been trying to rid himself of his human attachments. Though he’s finding it difficult to do so with John’s ravishing wife, Ann, around.

Profession… none. Graham prefers to spend his time on his “personal project.” He videotapes women as they talk about sex. He uses this catalogue of woman’s sexual experiences to feel some kind of human connection, and presses them for any detail of their sexuality: “What they’ve done, what they do, what they want to do but are afraid to ask for, what they wouldn’t do even if asked.”

Interests… other people’s sex lives. Graham, who is impotent, spends his days watching his tapes. He can only truly be himself when he is alone, watching his eerie tapes.

Relationship Status… haunted by his ex-girlfriend, Elizabeth. Graham hasn’t spoken to Elizabeth in years, though that doesn’t seem to be helping him to move on.

Challenge… finding his way in the world. One doesn’t have to look hard to see that Graham is spiritually lost. He’s spent his years drifting around America – New York, Florida, Philadelphia – in order to avoid confronting something. He hopes to find what he’s looking for in Baton Rouge.

Personality… quiet, dark, and extremely odd. Graham has a gentle way about him. He does not appear threatening, but his intensity is enough to make his old friend John begin to dislike him.

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