Graeme Willy
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Graeme Willy


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About Him

Overview… a sci-fi geek who just came out to have a good time. And he is honestly feeling so attacked right now. What started off as a harmless road trip to visit some sites of UFO sightings has turned into an illegal alien smuggling operation. Now, Graeme and his best friend Clive are on the run from the US Secret Service after agreeing to aid a fugitive alien, Paul, in his escape to freedom. So much for that vacation, eh?     

Personality... enthusiastic, but a bit self-conscious. Graeme loves all things sci-fi, but he’s hesitant about embracing his nerdiness in front of others who might not get his passion. Namely, surly looking rednecks who could snap him in half. Sure, Graeme isn’t the bravest, but he’ll get over it. Especially if it means a trip with an actual alien. 

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