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Short Term 12

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Living… with her boyfriend Mason and a few secrets. A tragic childhood makes it difficult for Grace to be emotionally available.

Profession… supervisor at a group home for at-risk teenagers called Short Term 12. All the kids at the home have been pulled from terrible home lives at a pivotal time in their lives. It takes a special mix of patience and leadership to run the home.

Interests… riding her bike, bonding with the kids at Short Term 12, and goofing around with Mason.

Relationship Status… living with her boyfriend Mason and pregnant with his child. She’s not sure when she’s going to tell him, or if she’s even going to go through with the pregnancy.

Challenge… opening up to Mason and helping Jayden, a new kid at the home. Jayden shows signs of the same types of parental abuse and self-harm that Grace dealt with when she was her age. That doesn’t make it any easier for Grace to get through to Jayden, though.

Personality… tough, cool-headed, empathetic, and tortured. Grace can handle the tough lot of kids she’s dealt – escape attempts and cursing streaks don’t phase her. But the difficult family lives of the kids she counsels follows her home and takes a toll on her emotionally.

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