Grace Florrick
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Grace Florrick

The Good Wife

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About Her

Grew Up… in the affluent Highland Park neighborhood of Chicago. Grace was growing up in a peaceful setting until her father, State’s Attorney Peter Florrick, became embroiled in a sex scandal and went to prison for allegedly mismanaging funds.

Living… with her mother, Alicia, and her older brother, Zach, in an apartment in downtown Chicago. The family had to move following her father’s imprisonment. This means Grace is away from her old school and friends in Highland Park. On top of everything, else Grace’s overbearing grandma, Jackie Florrick, helps look after her and Zach a few nights a week—an experience that Grace finds trying.

Profession… high school student. The Florrick family can’t afford the fees of her old private school, so Grace now attends a local public high school. She is adapting slowly to this new environment. She didn’t make the soccer team at her new school, for example, but one has to wonder how hard she tried.

Interests… changing. Before she moved and changed schools, she was interested in hanging out with her friends. Now Grace is somewhat uprooted and seeks something deeper to replace her old set of interests. She might have found it in her recent passion for religion.

Relationship Status… too young to date, but not too young to be interested in boys. Grace is becoming a pretty young woman, and it seems that others are starting to take notice.

Challenge… navigating the trials of young-womanhood with poise. Because of her family’s situation, she is having a more difficult adolescence than most girls. Grace finds it difficult to forgive her father for his actions. She must decide whether she can take refuge in her troubled family, while finding something more meaningful than what most of society prescribes for girls her age.

Personality… thoughtful. She thinks of others before herself, and cares deeply for her family. She has clearly inherited her mother’s high-mindedness and compassion for others. She proves to be a thorn in the side of unprincipled people like Eli Gold, her father’s political advisor. When Eli tries to paint Peter as a ‘friend of the (white) community’ for political reasons, Grace tells him that her brother Zach has a black girlfriend and she claims to have a black boyfriend too, adding, “the Florrick children just really love black people.” Grace might be young, but she’s already formidable.

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