Grace Adler
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Grace Adler

Will & Grace

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Grew Up... in Schenectady, N.Y. with her parents and two sisters. Her mother Bobbi was always a dominant force in their family growing up, and she continues to be. Bobbi, an actress, always wants to be in the spotlight even when she's not on the stage. And apples don't fall far from the tree – Grace has inherited many of the same attention-seeking traits.

Living… in an apartment in New York City with her best friend Will who is gay. She has known Will since she was a freshman at Columbia University; they even dated for a while before he came out. They know each other so well that they finish each other's sentences. They tell each other about everything in their lives; nothing is off limits. Although they get along very well, they often fight about how clean to keep the apartment. Disorganized and messy, Grace has even been known to eat food out of the garbage. Her untidy habits don't go over well with Will, who is a compulsive neat freak. 

Profession… interior designer. She has great style and has done well with her own design firm. But work always has its challenges – including with her staff. Her assistant Karen is a wealthy socialite who spends more time gossiping and drinking martinis than actually working for Grace. Thankfully, Karen is so rich she doesn't even cash the checks Grace gives her. 

Interests… shopping for good deals or, better yet, free stuff (yes, Grace can be pretty cheap). She also thrives on competition. No matter what the game is, Grace is in it to win.

Relationship Status… single. Before moving in with Will, Grace was engaged to Danny. Will told her she was making a mistake, but she went through with the wedding plans any way. Before it was too late, she realized that Will was right and left Danny at the altar. Since then, she has unsuccessfully dated a mortician, a cellist looking for a three-way, and a guy with six toes. 

Challenge… moving on. It's been hard for Grace to get motivated to get out on the dating scene. After all, every night she comes home to Will, who is brilliant, witty, and caring. Aside from the small detail that he is gay, what more can a woman ask for? 

Personality… self-involved, loud, and emotional. Ironically, those traits are what make Grace so charming. She is flawed and is not afraid to admit it. She is also fun with a big personality; it's never a dull moment when you're in her company.

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