James Gordon

James Gordon

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up in the suburbs of Gotham City with his mother and his father, a successful district attorney. After a sheltered childhood way from grime and crime, Jim goes off to serve in the U.S. Army. 

Living... in his hometown. Upon retiring from the army, Jim returns to Gotham only to find that it is not the place he thought it was as a child. Instead, the city is lawless, dangerous, and full of corruption. It’s pretty discouraging news, especially for a man who is joining the police department.  

Profession... a homicide detective with the GCPD. Jim wants to clean up the city and do right by its citizens. Unfortunately, he’s one of the only men in Gotham who does. Bribery, exploitation, and fraud are rampant, even among those who are tasked with upholding justice. Jim’s starting to realize that although he “came here to be a cop, this city needs something else”.  

Relationship Status... engaged to Barbara Kean, an art gallery owner. All Jim wants to do is keep his fiancée safe, away from the dangers of his job. Unfortunately for him, Barbara isn’t the type of girl who lets her man deal with crises while she cowers inside the house.   

Challenge... rooting out corruption in the city. Mobsters, murderers, psychopaths, dirty businessmen—Gotham is a Mecca for criminals and Jim is determined to bring them all to justice.  

Personality... righteous. Too righteous for a place like Gotham. As his partner Harvey Bullock says, "Jim, you seem like a nice guy, but this is not a city for nice guys."


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