Gordon Cooper
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Gordon Cooper

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About Him

Overview... a roguish astronaut on Project Mercury. Cooper may be the youngest of the seven test pilots chosen for NASA’s first attempt at manned space flight, but he’s also the most self-assured. Between his beautiful wife, adorable kids, and shiny red convertible, Cooper is living the 1950s American dream. Once he and his fellow astronauts are thrust into the spotlight, Cooper loves nothing more than turning on the charm and winning over the media.

Personality... confident, cocky, and ambitious. Cooper was only a “pudkocker” (i.e lower-level) pilot back at Edwards Air Force Base, but he never doubted his ability to fly an aircraft. He can be blockheaded when it comes to other people’s emotions – particularly his wife’s – but he’s got enough charisma to win over just about anyone. He likes to brag, “Whose the best pilot you ever saw? You’re looking at him!”

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