Gordon Bombay
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Gordon Bombay

The Mighty Ducks

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About Him

Grew Up… on the ice. Gordon used to be quite the hockey player, until he blew a big game on the final penalty shot. Gordon’s ex-coach instilled him with hyper-competitive values, which means that he’s never really been able to overcome the ignominy of his loss all those years ago.

Living… in Minneapolis. Gordon lives the high life these days. His career has afforded him all the luxuries life has to offer, though there’s not much he enjoys about his life other than the fact of his success.

Profession… defense attorney. Gordon prides himself on his 30-0 record in the courtroom, and often boasts about the fact that he’s never lost a case. Despite his talents as a lawyer, he hasn’t had much success making friends at his firm. He tends to be a bit too competitive. Even he admits that his work is his life.

Interests… hockey. Although Gordon quit playing after his heartbreaking loss all those years ago, he still carries a deep affection for the game. No matter how much he denies it, Gordon will always be a hockey player at heart.

Challenge… turning a hockey team of misfit kids into a group of serious athletes. After getting suspended from work in the wake of a DUI, Gordon is forced into a stint of community service. He’s gone from a high-flying lawyer to a peewee hockey coach (of the Mighty Ducks) in one fell swoop. Gordon’s crusty corporate boss, Mr. Ducksworth, wants him to learn that winning may not be everything after all.

Personality… cocky, competitive, and prideful. As annoying and boastful as he can sometimes be, there’s one thing you can’t deny about Gordon: he works hard. “Losing fair is still losing!” he tells his boss. “Gotta go for the ‘W’ every time!” But maybe working with kids of varying skill levels will help teach Gordon a little perspective. It certainly couldn’t hurt.

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