Gogo Yubari
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Gogo Yubari

Kill Bill vol. 1

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About Her

Overview... a school-girl turned killer. Gogo is Oren Ishii’s top bodyguard. Oren is one of the Yakuza’s top crime bosses, meaning Gogo’s position is very coveted and important. This doesn’t stop Gogo from displaying her “crazy” side, stabbing desirous men left and right, and wielding a bludgeoning ball-and-chain in mortal combat.

Personality… psychopathic, youthful, and twisted. Gogo lets out a giggle before a fight to the death. She is unafraid of killing and unafraid of dying. She is too young to know why Oren is being hunted by The Bride, but she doesn’t really care. Gogo will defend her master Oren, or die trying.

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