Gloria Cleary
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Gloria Cleary

Wedding Crashers

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About Her

Overview... the wild-child daughter of the U.S. Treasury Secretary. Gloria is preparing for a large wedding reception for her sister. In the meantime, a professional “wedding crasher” named Jeremy sets his sights on her as a short-term conquest. Jeremy gets what he wants, but is shocked when Gloria tells him it was her first time – and then seems determined to line up times No. 2-20 with him in the next 24 hours.

Personality… obsessive, “crazy,” and virginal. At least, that’s how she comes off at first. Jeremy was just looking for a quickie, but Gloria has somehow sunk her claws into him; he even has the bloody wounds to prove it. She quickly turns the tables on Jeremy by proving more sexually aggressive than he can deal with. Then again, maybe Gloria just knows what she wants. Everything should be a lot clearer by the end of the weekend.

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