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About Him

Grew Up... in St. Louis with his family who owned a hardware shop in the neighborhood for almost 60 years, until a new big-box retailer opened a Cloud 9 store and bankrupted their business.

Living... in St. Louis with his large family, including his 11 foster children.

Profession... general manager of the Cloud 9 superstore. Although he was angry that Cloud 9 bankrupted his family’s business, he needed a paycheck. Glenn is a friendly boss, he is not exactly cool under pressure. For example, he once panicked, saying “We need towels! Someone run to the store and buy some towels…Oh wait. We’re in a store, so get some towels!”

Interests... God. He is a devout Christian and tries to spread his beliefs as much as he can—including with his employees. 

Relationship status... happily married to his wife Jerusha, who shares his soft-spoken nature.

Challenge... dealing with his assistant manager, Dina Fox. She constantly butts heads with him, especially on religious practices in the workplace. Thankfully, he also has Amy Sosa, who is always one of the first to help him out with what he needs, whether that is work-related or otherwise. 

Personality... kind, optimistic, and soft-spoken. Glenn is one of the kindest bosses you could have, and his employees are grateful for that. When faced with a problem in the store, he finds a way to calmly solve it. And that’s a good thing because problems crop up at Cloud 9 all the time.

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