Giulia Marcovaldo

Giulia Marcovaldo


Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... moving between the city of Genoa to live with her mother during the school year and the coastal town of Portorosso to live with her father during the summer. 

Living… in Portorosso. Giulia feels like an outcast among the children who live in Portorosso, so she spends most of her summers alone. She delivers for her father Massimo’s fishing business and trains for the Portorosso Cup, a triathlon race for children composed of swimming, cycling, and pasta eating events.

Profession… ending Ercole Visconti’s “evil reign of terror.” Ercole is the five-time winner of the annual Portorosso Cup, having the advantages of being well into adulthood and regularly cheating. Long fed up with the local bully, Giulia is determined to beat Ercole in the race this summer. 

Challenge… not fitting in. Having no friends in Portorosso, Giulia usually competes in the Portorosso Cup alone against the other teams. When she runs into Luca and Alberto, two sea monster children disguised as humans, she recognizes them as underdogs like herself. The three kids team up for the race, but will it be enough? Can three underdogs take down someone as cunning as Ercole?

Personality… witty, intelligent, and empathetic. Giulia self-identifies as an underdog, which she defines as, “kids who are different, dress weird, or are a little sweatier than average.” Giulia works tirelessly for her goals, but not without considering the feelings of her friends.


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