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About Her

Grew Up… in the Czech Republic. Though like most aspects of her life, she’s not quick to volunteer details. 

Living… in Dublin. She lives with her young daughter and her mom. Her husband isn’t in the picture at the moment. The Girl – we don’t learn her real name – meets a talented “busker,” or street musician, when she sees him performing. A musician herself, she loves to hear him (let’s call him “Guy”) play. 

Profession… flower seller. It doesn’t pay very much, but it’s not like she has expensive tastes. She needs to watch what she spends, though, so when she learns that the Guy also fixes vacuum cleaners, she brings her broken “hoover” for him to repair, hopefully at a discount. 

Interests… music. She plays the piano and sings, usually in the music store owned by a friendly man who lets her noodle around for him and his customers. Music is what bonds her and the Guy, especially once they perform a song together at that music store. 

Relationship Status complicated. There’s a husband back in the Czech Republic, though she doesn’t mention him much. Meanwhile there might be something brewing between her and the Guy. He’s interested in her, that’s for sure. It’s not easy to tell whether she feels the same romantic feelings, or if she’s interested in him solely as a friend and musical partner. 

Challenge deciding what she wants for herself. She’s still in her early 20s, as far as we can tell, and figuring out life as she goes. She agrees to help the Guy record a demo record before he moves to London, in part with the hopes of reuniting with the ex-girlfriend who broke his heart. Does the Girl really want him to go? She might not even know herself. But in the meantime, they can make some great music together. 

Personality… strong, determined, and mysterious. She’s nobody’s fool, and she is quick to stand up for what she wants. Her problem is knowing what she wants in the first place.

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