Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... on the road. Ginko attracts Mushi, strange creatures that are “completely different from the flora and fauna known to us” but are instead “life at its purest form,” spirits that most people cannot see or sense. These Mushi can be potentially harmful to humans, especially when they gather in large numbers. So for the safety of others, Ginko wanders from place to place to prevent the Mushi he attracts from becoming a danger.

Visiting... whoever needs his help, or wherever the Mushi are. Whenever Ginko hears of Mushi causing problems, or just about some particularly interesting Mushi, he wanders in their direction. Sometimes Ginko returns to check up on things, but he never really stops wandering.

Profession... a Mushi Master, also known as a Mushishi. Namely, a person who not only can see the mysterious and wonderful beings known as Mushi, but spends his or her life studying them and helping others who are afflicted with the problems they sometimes cause. Some Mushi Masters are seen as pest exterminators. Yet whenever possible Ginko tries to help not just the people but also the Mushi that ail them. He emphasizes that Mushi are neither good nor evil, but simply trying to further their own existence like any other living creatures.

Interests... life in all forms, but most especially Mushi. Ginko never goes anywhere without his backpack full of tools to study and sometimes collect Mushi. And while he is not above selling rare Mushi-related items to collectors to make a living, Ginko will go beyond what is necessary to understand the Mushi and how they fit into the cycle of life.

Relationship Status... single, and probably not looking to change that anytime soon. Ginko is in love with his work, if anything, and is certainly not able to settle down with anyone given his nomadic existence.

Challenge... doing the right thing, which is not an easy challenge when humans and Mushi come into conflict. While Mushi are not inherently bad, some of their negative effects on humans can create difficult and morally ambiguous situations that Ginko must navigate, and the outcome is seldom a completely happy one. A lot like life, actually.

Personality... wise, though distant and with his head in the clouds – of smoke, which he does constantly to keep the mushi at bay. Ginko is friendly and laid-back, but can be serious when he needs to be. While his wandering lifestyle and habit of leaving on very short notice can make him seem unfeeling, he does truly care about people and their emotions, and is willing to risk himself for their well-being.


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