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Ginger McKenna


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About Her

Grew up… on the streets. Ginger has always been a cynical, street-smart hustler. She’s worked the streets of Las Vegas for years, and she knows that you shouldn’t trust anyone in this city.

Living… with her husband and child just outside of Las Vegas. Ginger is living in luxury now that she’s taken up full time with the wealthy manager of the Tangiers Casino, Sam Rothstein.

Profession… former call girl. Ginger would pull all sorts of scams to earn money. She met her husband, Sam, when she was caught trying to con some high rollers at the Tangiers.

Interests… material things and money.  “For a girl like Ginger,” her husband Sam likes to say, “love costs money.” Her husband quickly learns that Ginger is not built  for a clean-cut suburban life. She’s too obsessed with money, drugs and the excitement of hustling to settle down and be a homemaker.

Relationship Status… in a mutually abusive marriage. “I should have never married Sam,” she says. “He’s a Gemini. Triple Gemini. Gemini’s a snake!” So she’s seeking comfort elsewhere, much to her husband’s anger.

Challenge… getting out of her stifling marriage. Ginger, a neglectful mother and an unfaithful wife, believes that she’ll be happy once she frees herself from Sam’s clutches. Unfortunately, she’s being manipulated by her old pimp into stealing from Sam.

Personality… vain, manipulative and irresponsible. Ginger is a cynical drug addict who can’t help but cause trouble for herself, her husband and his mafia empire. Ginger’s mischief may prove to be the undoing of the Tangiers Casino.

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