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Gina Toll

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About Her

Living… day-to-day. Gina gave up her life as a renowned psychotherapist while she tried to recover from her husband’s death. 

Profession… psychotherapist. Gina officially retired from the profession years back, but for some reason felt compelled recently to restart her own private practice. At least it’s gotten her back out into the world.

Relationship Status… widowed. And Gina is not optimistic about any new relationships. As Gina says, their profession doesn’t easily co-exist with a happy home life: “I always ask myself, if they were to diagnose therapists whose marriages fell apart, how many cases of erotic transference would they find?”

Challenge… finding a way to fix her patient and friend, Dr. Paul Weston, her former protégé. Gina is a believer in the power of psychotherapy to change lives, and she hopes to help Paul with his personal and professional problems. As she tells him, “Easier to see patterns when they’re not ours.”

Personality… strictly professional. Gina will not hold back in her therapy sessions with Paul. She’s willing to tell him the truth about his life, his marriage and his own practice, even if that truth is uncomfortable.

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