Richard Gilmore
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Richard Gilmore

Gilmore Girls

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Living… very comfortably in wealth in Hartford, Connecticut. Richard has grown accustomed to a certain lifestyle and he works hard at his job in order to maintain it.  

Profession… insurance executive. Richard has worked his way up in the business world, excelling during his days as a student at Yale and now devoting his days to networking with clients and making the big bucks. 

Interests… golfing, brandy, cigars, and reading the newspaper, which he seems to constantly have at hand. And, of course, his granddaughter Rory. His daughter Lorelai did not live up to his expectations by leaving home and having Rory at age 16. But now that Rory is a teenager, Richard relishes in seeing her succeed. 

Relationship Status… married to Emily for the last few decades. She supports him in his career, and he supports her as she carries on with society drama and event-planning. They make a good team.  

Challenge dealing with his family. Richard doesn’t like scandal and so the fact that Lorelai did not follow the social, moral code laid out for her does not sit well with him. But now, she’s back in his life on a more regular basis – which can bring its own challenges…  

Personality… old-fashioned, hard-working, and stoic. Richard doesn’t readily show his feelings or often have much to say, so when he does speak or show emotions you know it’s important. Richard loves his family and, even if he doesn’t agree with them, he will support them always.

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