Lane Kim

Lane Kim

    Gilmore Girls
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… with a very strict, Christian mother in the picturesque small town of Stars Hollow, Connecticut. Lane’s mother, Mrs. Kim, owns and runs an antique store on the first floor of their house, so people are always coming in and out and the space can feel both literally and figuratively claustrophobic for Lane. 

Profession… student at Stars Hollow High. Lane is a good student, but her real goal is to work in music. She has her sights set on learning how to play the drums… 

Interests… music. Lane has an encyclopedic knowledge of music history and the music industry, and a record store-worthy collection of albums, band T-shirts, and other memorabilia. The only catch is that she has to keep it all hidden in the floor boards of her room. Lane’s mother does not approve of pop culture and so Lane has to hide her love of music from her, along with her love of unhealthy food and funky clothes. But, fortunately, rebelling against her mother is also a major interest of Lane’s, and she excels at pursuing her interests while also hiding them from, and keeping the peace with, Mrs. Kim. 

Relationship Status… single. But like any typical teenage girl, Lane has her crushes. Of course, dating is hard with a mother as strict as Mrs. Kim, who is distrustful of all boys and wants to have approval over any of Lane’s suitors.   

Challenge… trying to be herself while dealing with her overbearing mother. Having a best friend like Rory Gilmore definitely helps, though. Lane and Rory have been best friends since kindergarten, and ever since then Rory and her fun, young mom Lorelai welcome Lane into their circle.  

Personality… spunky, creative, and loving. Lane is a supportive friend, especially to Rory, and always a fun concert buddy. She goes after want she wants, even when it scares her a little.


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