Gilbert Blythe

Gilbert Blythe

    Anne With an E

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... in Avonlea with his single father. Gilbert's mother passed away when he was young.

Profession... student. Gilbert is an intelligent and hard-working student and often rivals fellow student Anne for the best grades in class.

Relationship Status... infatuated with Anne, but unable to win her forgiveness for the poor first impression he made. Gilbert pulled her hair and teasingly called her “Carrot,” in reference to her red hair. Anne promptly responded by picking up her chalkboard and slamming it into his face. Undeterred, Gilbert continues to try to befriend Anne. Time will only tell if he can change her mind about him.

Challenge... dealing with how illness has ravaged his father and the very real possibility that Gilbert might lose him soon.

Personality... charming, easy-going, and intelligent. Gilbert is the perfect gentleman and is one of the kinder children in the schoolhouse. Many girls have a crush on him for these reasons. Aside from Diana Barry, Anne's best friend, he's one of the only students who doesn't care about her orphan status. Gilbert is also more mature and level-headed in contrast to Anne's fiery disposition.


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