Gil Pender
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Gil Pender

Midnight In Paris

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Living… in Los Angeles. He doesn’t have anything against L.A. – but it’s no Paris.

Visting… Paris. Gil is on vacation with his controlling fiancée, Inez, and her conservative parents. While his traveling companions are unimpressed with the city, Gil is in love with Paris – although he wishes he could see it in 1920s, when it was populated by his favourite authors and artists.

Profession… writer. He’s been more successful than most people in his profession, and has cranked out screenplay after screenplay for Hollywood. The money is pretty good, but it’s commercial work that leaves Gil feeling creatively unfulfilled. In an effort to live up to his artistic ambitions, Gil has set about writing his first novel. Inez thinks it’s a waste of time, and wishes he would just go back to focusing on making money, but Gil is optimistic that he might be able to create something meaningful and important.

Interests… writing, jazz, and soaking in the sights of Paris. Curiously, none of Gil’s interests really align with Inez’s. She’s more into dining out and visiting art galleries, while Gil’s interests are more solitary.

Relationship Status… engaged to an overbearing, materialistic woman. Inez is demanding and gets what she wants, often at Gil’s expense. Gil minimizes their differences and disagreements. “Sometimes there is a little bit of a disconnect with the big things,” Gil explains. “She wants to live in Malibu and wants me to work in Hollywood… but I will say that we both like Indian food, not all Indian food, but the pita bread, we both like pita bread, I guess its called naan.” Nonetheless, Gil loves Inez and wants to make things work—in spite of how difficult she often makes it.

Challenge… this business of what he really wants to do. He calls himself “a Hollywood hack who never gave real literature a shot.” Then there’s his relationship with Inez, which Gil claims to enjoy but which seems unhealthy for both of them. Fortunately, Gil is given a once in a lifetime opportunity to sort out his problems when he discovers that every night at midnight he’s able to travel back in time. Can the wisdom of Salvador Dali, Earnest Hemmingway, and Gertrude Stein help Gil create a better life? Or is Gil’s tendency to idolize the past holding him back from living in the present?

Personality… unassuming and mild-mannered, Gil possesses a quiet affability that earns him plenty of friends. Despite being a professional creative, Gil is remarkably down to earth and takes pleasure in simple things. Honest and good-humored, Gil is a great guy who doesn’t seem to fit into his own “great” life.

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