Gil John Biggs
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Gil John Biggs

Alpha House

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About Him

Grew Up… in Ruby Shoals, a small town on the coast of North Carolina.

Living… in D.C., in a house with fellow Republican senators Louis Laffer, Robert Bettencourt, and Andy Guzman. Their set-up gives hope to frat boys aspiring to live in bachelorhood for the rest of their lives. The four of them play poker, watch basketball, drink, and commute together. When Guzman’s girlfriend starts hanging around, he laments that he can no longer walk around nude in his own house.

Profession… U.S. Senator. Before becoming a senator, Gil John was the basketball coach at the University of North Carolina, where he had two undefeated seasons and achieved 11 conference titles and two national championships. As senator, he has kept his old star point guard Hakeem Agabi on as his "body man" or bodyguard-slash-assistant, and relies heavily on his aide Tammy Stackhouse to take care of his legwork. Gil John is rather inert for a senator and usually does the bare minimum that is asked of him.

Interests… Montgomery Gentry, playing with his dog (a bloodhound named Buster), and using Buster to track down his aides. Gil John enjoys “getting liquored up in the evening because that’s what normal people do.”

Relationship Status… married to Maddie, his powerhouse of a wife. Maddie lives in North Carolina but helps Gil John with his work nearly every day, conversing and planning with Tammy over speakerphone as Gil John lounges on the couch and makes occasional interjections. Maddie also runs Gil John’s campaigns and acts as his opponent in mock debates. 

Challenge… taking on Digger Mancusi. Gil John is sitting pretty as the upcoming election approaches, until his presumed opponent has a third stroke and drops out, and legendary Duke basketball coach Digger Mancusi announces his candidacy for Gil John’s senate seat. “He’s like an active god, you’re like a retired god,” Laffer tells Gil John.

Personality… grumpy and anti-social. A self-described “perks guy," Gil John savors the senatorial lifestyle but generally deplores hobknobbing it up with his fellow Congressmen. He has anger problems dating back to his days as basketball coach, when he knocked down a ref with a foam finger. Even as senator his anger periodically boils to the surface, and he claims to be working on his triggers. He takes a nap in the shower every morning from 8:10 to 8:20.

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