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He's Just Not That Into You

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Grew Up… genuinely believing that if a boy was mean to you, it was because he liked you. This misinformation that was fed to Gigi, and women in general, has led her astray as an adult. She has continually let men with bad boy personas enter her life, believing that this was merely a façade that could be changed.

Living… alone in an apartment in Baltimore. She spends most of her time sitting by her pink telephone, waiting for men to call her and ask her on a second date.

Profession… working in an office with her equally lovelorn peers. Gigi and her friend Janine – who is having marital troubles – spend their time at work overanalyzing all the “signs” from men that Gigi meets at bars.  

Interests… dating. She was recently at a bar, stalking a guy named Conor who never called her back after their date. There, she met the bar owner, Alex. He has a lot of insight into the world of dating, informing Gigi that all the things women are led to believe about “signs” from men is a load of crap. Now, with Alex’s help, Gigi has begun to relearn everything she thought she knew about the opposite sex.

Relationship Status… single, much to her dismay. Gigi has tried everything to find the right guy, but she keeps misreading the “signals” men give her. She just wants everything to be straightforward, but that’s a lot harder than she anticipated.  

Challenge… learning to stop overanalyzing everything men do. Alex has taught her that if a man is genuinely interested in a woman and wants to see her, he will make it happen – plain and simple. Gigi is trying to take his advice and turn over a new leaf. After exchanging info with a semi-flaky guy at happy hour, she even rips up his business card, saying confidently, “If he likes me, he’ll call.”

Personality… naïve, quirky, and a bit neurotic. Gigi is just looking for love, but she can’t seem to stop obsessing over it and just let it happen. She has good intentions, but can get caught up in her own head, twisting everything a guy does around until it becomes something totally different. She can be stubborn, and is confident that actively dating will help her find love sooner than if she just didn’t try at all. Gigi just needs to relax, stop worrying, and let the right guy come to her.

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