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Grew up... inside the Traveler. Humans created Ghosts based on the “Light” technology of The Traveler, a mysterious massive sphere that led to a new Golden Age of space exploration for Earth.

Living... with the Guardians. These levitating drones now accompany Guardians as they travel throughout the Solar System defeating the remnants of alien forces.

Profession... artificial intelligence. Ghosts provide crucial support for Guardians by hacking old tech, shining spotlights, organizing mission information, creating maps, and analyzing nearby hostile threats.

Interests… sharing history. In addition to giving Guardians practical combat and navigation assistance, Ghosts also share knowledge and lore about the various ancient creatures and civilizations that Guardians encounter during their travels. Confused about where enemies from The Hive originated? Ghosts will respond with, “That wizard came from the Moon.”

Relationship Status... bonded. As genderless mechanical constructs, Ghosts aren’t concerned with romance. However, they are closely bonded with their Guardian partners. Protecting them is their purpose and their adventures are matters of life and death.

Challenge... aiding the Guardians. After the Golden Age, mankind and its space colonies collapsed, leaving only one human city left. Guardians take on the violent alien races that have filled the void and are hoping to wipe out humanity once and for all, and Ghosts are there to help Earth’s defenses succeed.

Personality... helpful. Although they do have a sarcastic streak, Ghosts only exist to serve Guardians. They provide them with the knowledge they need to survive and thrive while trying to restore humanity’s Golden Age.     

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