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Gerry Lane

World War Z

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About Him

Living… just outside of Philadelphia. Gerry gave up his former job as a UN field agent so that he could live a quiet, domestic existence with his wife and daughters. But fate has another role for Gerry – he’s the best at what he does, and when the world faces another global crisis, he’s called back to duty.

Visiting… an aircraft carrier in the middle of the Atlantic. Following the outbreak of a rampant, deadly virus in the United States, Gerry and his family escaped and were shuttled to the isolated carrier, only to find that the world is in turmoil and that the President of the United States is dead.

Profession… former UN investigator. Gerry is the best person to go into the field to investigate just what this virus is. He has the experience: he survived the Liberian Civil War, investigated Chechen war crimes, and was on the ground in Sri Lanka in ’07. The trouble is that he can’t bear to leave his family behind.

Relationship Status… married to Karen, a loving and supportive spouse. Gerry cares about the fate of humanity, of course, but his primary concern is his wife and two daughters. As long as they are safe, he can breathe easily. Well, as easily as one can breathe knowing that humankind is being turned into zombies.

Challenge… discovering the source of the zombie virus and curing the pandemic. Gerry knows what it’s like to be in a hot spot, but what happens when the entire globe becomes a warzone? The trick, Gerry says, is to keep moving: “I used to work in dangerous places. People who moved, survived. Those who didn’t…”

Personality… no-nonsense, stoic, and incredibly tough. Gerry is both a family man and a daring field worker in the roughest settings imaginable. He stays calm in the heat of battle, and can solve problems under intense amounts of stress. Gerry is a born leader. That’s a very good thing, because the human race needs him to succeed in order to survive.

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