Gerde Wegener
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Gerde Wegener

The Danish Girl

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About Her

Living... a bohemian artist’s life in 1920s Copenhagen. Gerda and her husband Einar share an apartment that also doubles as their studio.  

Profession... struggling portrait artist. While her husband’s career as a landscape painter is flourishing, Gerda has trouble generating much interest in her own work. Nevertheless, she continues to paint, hoping to one-day sell a portrait that gives her career legitimacy.   

Interests... painting, pushing boundaries, and spending time with Einar and their beloved Jack Russell terrier, Teddy.   

Relationship Status... happily married. Gerda and Einar are legendary among their friends for their stable and happy marriage. Theirs is a partnership of true equals and they share a bond that’s both romantic and intellectual. In telling the story of their first date Gerda explains, “I kissed him. And it was the strangest thing. It was like kissing myself.” Though Gerda longs to expand their family, so far she’s struggled to get pregnant.  

Challenge... grappling with her husband’s shifting identity. After asking Einar to pose in place of a female model, he begins to spend more and more time as his female alter ego, Lili. But it soon becomes clear that Lili is more than just a game for Einarshe’s actually his authentic self. Gerda finds herself torn between fighting for the relationship she once had with Einar and supporting Lili’s right to exist.   

Personality... creative, compassionate, and open-minded. Gerda is fond of her bohemian artist lifestyle and initially supportive of her husband’s experimentation with identity. But when it becomes clear that Lili is more than just an act, Gerda must balance her feelings of abandonment and betrayal with her desire to help the love of her life. Though she frequently feels overwhelmed and alone, she faces her unusual situation with strength and compassion.  

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