Georgina Spica
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Georgina Spica

The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover

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About Her

Overview… the long-suffering wife of a London mob boss. Georgina accompanies her husband Albert Spica to gourmet French restaurant Le Hollandais, only to watch him demean the staff and patrons with his brutish, crass ways. Eventually, she strikes up an affair with Michael, a fellow patron of the restaurant, and asks for the chef’s help in keeping it secret. She knows she’s put everyone’s life at risk, but at this point death might be preferable to spending her life with Albert.

Personality… a quiet, sympathetic femme fatale. She’s been beaten and degraded for far too long by Albert, and she can’t take it anymore. Georgina’s not even sure if she’s in love with Michael or simply desperate for any route of escape. Her flagrant risk-taking suggests that perhaps she wants to be caught.

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