Georgina Hobart

Georgina Hobart

The Politician

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About Her

Grew Up... with a cold and distant mother. Georgina was mostly raised by her babysitters and swore she’d take a different path with her own children. As she puts it, “I sat down and I made a list of how a perfect mother would be. Gentle, endlessly loving, patient, trusting, and selfless.”

Living... in Santa Barbara, California. Specifically, Georgina lives on a palatial estate with everything she could ever want—from expansive gardens to a horse stable.

Profession... housewife, mother, and socialite. The Hobarts are one of the wealthiest families in an incredibly wealthy area.

Interests... gardening, painting, and philanthropy.

Relationship Status... unhappily married to Keaton Hobart. Their marriage was one of pragmatism rather than romance, so it’s unsurprising when Georgina finds her heart straying towards a horse trainer named Brigitte. That upsets the balance in her home, however, as Keaton expects her to at least pretend to be interested in him.

Challenge... protecting her children. Georgina and Keaton have three sons—twins Martin and Luther, and Payton, who was adopted. Though Georgina cares for all of her boys, her love for the entitled twins “has edges.” Payton, meanwhile, has her whole heart. Though she’s clear-eyed about his faults, there’s nothing she wouldn’t do for him. His ultimate goal is to become President of the United States, and Georgina will do anything in her power to help him, even as she admits, “Your ambition frightens me.”

Personality... glamorous and kind. Despite her life of privilege, Georgina has a compassionate and sensitive soul. She’s soft-spoken and delicate, but also incredibly strong in her convictions. She sees the world for what it is, while also trying to bend it towards what it should be. She appreciates material things, but she’s not controlled by them either. She’s intelligent, empathetic, observant, and a touch romantic. As Georgina knows, “Great lessons are only learned when the stakes are high.”

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