Georgina "George" Lawson

Georgina "George" Lawson

    Feel Good

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in Manchester, UK. George grew up in Oxford, but she now shares an apartment with a stranger named Phil. She spends most of her time outside of work with friends. Binky, in particular, judges George for her prolonged singleness, and is constantly setting her up with different men. 

Profession… schoolteacher. George is a smart young lady, who does well professionally. However, her job isn’t her top priority, and she values her relationships more than she could care about any job.

Interests… friends, socializing, and keeping busy. George’s relationships are surface level, but she clings to them for a sense of community. She has been ingrained in their lives for so long, which blinds her how toxic those relationships can be for her. 

Relationship status… dating Mae Martin. George met Mae at one of her comedy shows, and the two have been inseparable ever since. Ever since Mae moved in with her, George has essentially kept her locked away. George feels safe with Mae, but her inability to accept her sexuality begins to breed resentment between the pair. 

Challenge… coming out to her friends and accepting herself. George loves Mae, but her internalized homophobia has dug a hole deep in her psyche. She is so afraid to tell her friends about Mae that she lies constantly to avoid the topic. These lies only push Mae out even further, and George is unable to see the impact. George feels like “love should sit beside life like a lamp,” which conflicts with Mae’s desire to make George her whole world.

Personality… charming, kind, and insecure. George’s charm and wit are more of a defense mechanism than her real self. George struggles with accepting herself for many reasons, and partly because she’s not entirely sure who she is underneath it all.  


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