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Georges Laurent


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Living… in Paris, with his beloved wife Anne. They don’t get out of their apartment anymore, but why bother? It is their home, decorated with paintings and plants and polished wood paneling. Their living room, its shelves overflowing with books, has a grand piano in one corner and two cushy chairs in the other. This is where Georges and Anne sit together, read, listen to classical music, and enjoy each other’s company.

Profession… retired music teacher, same as Anne. Their family is one of musicians. Their daughter plays in an ensemble with her British husband Geoff, and their grandson is studying in a conservatory.

Interests… routine. Georges’ aversion to change is best exhibited in his grey sweater, which he wears just about every day. He also eats a lot of veggies.

Relationship Status… married. Georges tells his daughter, “We’ve been through a lot, your mother and I.” Now they've grown old together. They still do most everything as one – they even read the same books. Georges recently finished a book on Harnoncourt, the Austrian conductor, and she plans on reading it next.

Challenge… taking care of Anne after disaster strikes. Anne suffers a stroke one day at breakfast. Her entire right side now paralyzed, she is confined to a wheelchair. She refuses to return to the hospital, and Georges becomes her caretaker. He cuts her meat for her, washes her hair, helps her with her physical therapy and in the bathroom. He insists to her, “You’re not inflicting anything on me.” But he is fighting an uphill battle, against her deteriorating health and against fatigue, now that he must be the rock in her life.

Personality… chivalrous and proper, though extremely proud. Georges doesn’t like to show weakness, even as he is willing to cater to Anne’s every need. He doesn’t want people to pop in and make sure things are all right, not even his daughter. He doesn’t like to talk about the stroke aloud; he prefers to treat it as par for the course, to keep his own burdens private. It’s a lot to take on, but what else can he do? Anne is his beloved wife, and he must be strong for her.

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