George Weasley

George Weasley

    Harry Potter Series
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… with his parents and the six other Weasley children in The Burrow. George and his twin brother Fred have a reputation as the rowdiest Weasley siblings. They even turned their little brother Ron’s teddy bear into a spider when he was only five.

Living… at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, in Gryffindor Tower. When younger brother Ron arrives at Hogwarts – already friends with the famous Harry Potter – George and Fred are in their third year. But the twins prefer to tease their sibling rather than offer any real brotherly guidance.

Profession… student, at least technically. But George and Fred are better known for their talented joke-telling, gags, and collection of prank-abetting magical objects than their academic prowess.  

Interests… inventing quirky joke products, playing Quidditch, and causing poor Mrs. Weasley a lot of anxiety. Molly would prefer that George and his twin keep their noses buried in a book, but that’s not their style. When they aren’t batting Bludgers away from Harry Potter on the Quidditch pitch, George and Fred are selling Skiving Snackboxes to first years in the common room or sending a toilet seat to their little sister Ginny so she isn’t sad about being too young to attend Hogwarts.

Relationship… single. George is too busy joking around with his twin and their best friend Lee Jordan to put much time into finding a girlfriend, though he definitely likes to flirt.

Challenge… getting his more conventional mother on board with his and Fred’s dream of opening a joke shop. It’s no surprise that George and Fred will most likely not end up working for the Ministry of Magic, but Mrs. Weasley certainly doesn’t see the value in a career as a joke shop owner. How could her twins possibly make money from selling wands that turn into rubber chickens?

Personality… funny, caring, and energetic. Though not quite as much of an instigator as his twin, George still goes along with any crazy plan that Fred dreams up. This difference is subtle, and in most every other way the twins truly are identical. Like his brother, George is charismatic and outgoing, always lightening the mood with a well-timed quip. Although he’s the silliest of the bunch, George is protective of his family and will stand up to anyone who makes a joke about his parents being poor or teases the Weasleys about their famous red hair.


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