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George Smiley

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

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About Him

Living… in the hall of mirrors that is the MI6, otherwise known as “the Circus.” The year is 1973 and the Cold War is heating up. It’s Smiley’s job to navigate the swirling cloud of misinformation and deceit that surrounds the conflict.

Profession… intelligence officer. Smiley has been with the Circus since before the Cold War began. Smiley is less concerned with the politics of espionage, instead he sees espionage through an intellectual lens, as an art and science and to be studied. Smiley is at his best when attempting to extract information through conversation, which he then stores in his massive memory.

Interests… German literature, swimming, and eyeglass care.

Relationship Status… married to Ann Sercombe, who Smiley deduces is carrying out an affair with his Circus colleague Bill Haydon.

Challenge… finding the mole inside MI6. Recently one of their agents was betrayed and exposed on a mission, leading to his execution. Smiley needs to figure out which of his colleagues is working for the Soviets before another agent ends up dead. In order to accomplish this trying task, he recruits Peter Guillam, a new and therefore trustworthy ally. If the mission is going to have any chance of success, they’re going to have let one know that they’re on a mole hunt – and fooling a room full of spies is tricky business.

Personality… serious. Smiley’s name is a misnomer; he always wears his poker face. Occasionally, he raises his eyebrows to express puzzlement or intrigue. A keen observer, he is laconic when conducting interviews and makes every word count and never alters his tone. He strives towards the ideal of stoicism; “a fanatic is always concealing a secret doubt,” he says. But deep below his dispassionate veneer a fire must burn – driving Smiley forwards to avenge the fallen agent.

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George Smiley
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