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George Simmons

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About Him

Grew Up… an aspiring comedian. George never would have believed he’d become a Hollywood commodity, but George always wanted to be professionally funny.

Living… in the wake of another bad Hollywood comedy. George has sold out. He plays talking babies, mermaids – anything he can get paid for. When he gets diagnosed with a bad cancer, George quickly needs to reevaluate his life. He employs the help of aspiring comedian Ira Wright to help get things back on track.

Profession… movie star. But first and foremost, George Simmons is a comedian – he got his start in standup.

Interests… and making comebacks in both his personal and professional lives.

Relationship Status… single. Even in middle age, young women still sleep with him because he is famous. But none of his hookups ever become anything lasting or emotionally fulfilling. The only real connection he has had in his life is with Laura, his ex-fiancée.

Challenge… learning how to love again with death staring him in the eye. And the best way he can think of is to reconnect with Laura, his only real love. The big problem is that Laura is now married with children.

Personality… kind of a jerk. George has allowed his stardom to go to his head. He lacks sympathy and while he’s still funny, it’s mostly the bitter kind of funny.

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