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George Sands

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About Him

Living... in Bristol with two of his closest friends. George and Mitchell work shifts at the local hospital to pay rent while Annie takes care of the flat. Sounds like a normal enough household, but it’s not. George is a werewolf and his roommates are a vampire (Mitchell) and a ghost (Annie). That’s a whole lot of supernatural packed into one tiny space.

Profession… hospital porter at St. Jude’s Hospital. It isn’t a particularly great gig, but it allows George to work while keeping a low profile. There is even a basement isolation room that he can hide in during transformations so that he doesn’t wreck everything in the house.

Interests… languages. George is actually quite the intellectual. He has an IQ of 156 and can speak Spanish, Croatian, Italian, French, and German.

Relationship Status… single, which is unfortunate because George is terrible with women. He gets super flustered. Luckily, his best friend Mitchell is a great wingman: “You see, I can actually talk to women without weeping or setting fire to myself.” George’s latest crush is Becca, a new nurse at St. Jude’s. 

Challenge… trying to cope with his condition. In addition to being incredibly painful, George’s werewolf transformations cause him a lot of emotional grief. He considers himself a monster and strives to keep his werewolf side separate from his day-to-day life. Unfortunately, George isn’t always successful: “Trouble follows me around like a curse.”

Personality… nervous, bumbling, and kind. George is very sweet, very awkward, and very compassionate. Out of the supernatural trio, he is the most anxious about his condition and the possibility of harming others. While Mitchell and Annie have more or less accepted their fates, George tries his best to distance himself from the wolf.

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