George Newman
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George Newman


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About Him

Living… in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Profession… former employee at Big Edna’s Burger world, but he was recently fired. He is now head of a television channel, UHF. His uncle won it gambling and gave it to him so he’d have something to do. It was a complete flop when he first started working there, but George was determined to turn it around. One of his best moves was hiring a janitor to become the host of a kids show called ''Uncle Nutsy's Playhouse.'' Now they beat out the networks regularly, with three shows in the top five. No one is more surprised than George.

Interests… coming up with new shows for the channel such as ''Raul's Wild Kingdom,'' in which the host teaches dogs how to fly by tossing them out of windows. Whatever the idea is, it always carries a fair share of controversy. Like their talk show, "Talk Town." It deals with topics that the other talk shows are afraid to touch: “It preys, it pokes, it digs deep. It gets the answers, it gets the facts, and most of all, it gets the ratings.”

Relationship Status… in trouble because of his new job. George hasn’t had time for his girlfriend Teri since the channel has taken off. He even forgot her birthday. That's when she broke things off. He has to win her back. His success means nothing without her.

Challenge… stoppingHarvey Bilchick's efforts to take over the station. George’s uncle owes him $75,000 in cash. If they don't raise the money in time, Bilchick will assume ownership of the channel. Since he can't own more than one channel in a town, he'll be well within his rights to shut them down. His goal is to sell seventy-five hundred shares of his television channel to the public at ten dollars apiece. If he succeeds, then the station will belong to everyone in town.

Personality… wacky and nerdy but also funny and optimistic. George is a one-of-a-kind character. He dreams big – very big. Some of his dreams can be nightmares for others, but at least he goes for what he wants and speaks his mind.  

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