George Mendez
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George Mendez

Orange Is The New Black

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About Him

Living... with a big mustache and the nickname “Pornstache.” As you can imagine, he didn’t get that nickname for being a nice, jolly guy.

Profession... Corrections officer at Litchfield Penitentiary, an all female prison. Corrections officers have a lot of power, and Pornstache makes sure to take advantage of all of his.

Interests… bringing in drugs, abusing his power, and making advances on the inmates. He hits all three at once when he traded drugs to an inmate for sex.

Relationship Status... completely uninterested in anything more than amassing as many meaningless sexual encounters as possible. It’s tough to imagine many women wanting a long-term relationship with Pornstache, which is perfectly fine by him.

Challenge... dealing with an unexpected pregnancy. When inmate Daya Diaz becomes pregnant, the inmates form a plan to pin the pregnancy on Pornstache in an attempt to absolve the real father. A fun side effect? They’d get to hurt their enemy in the process. Luckily for them, he’s an easy guy to trick – especially when he’s given the prospect of sex with an inmate.

Personality... a sadistic, cruel, possibly mentally disturbed creep on a never-ending power trip. It’s yet another bit of bad luck for the inmates that they’re stuck dealing with this guy day in and day out.

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