George Knox
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George Knox

Angels in the Outfield

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About Him

Living… in Anaheim. Knox is most alive when he is master of his domain – the dugout of the California Angels. There he paces back and forth, like a lion, or leans forward with one foot on the top step and peers out onto the field. His gasket ready to blow at any moment, and it usually does as soon as one of his players makes an error. Knox is definitely at risk for high blood pressure.

Profession... manager of the California Angels. He had a successful tenure as manager for the Cincinnati Reds, and came to California to manage a winning baseball team, but the Angels are currently performing dismally. “There’s a thing called talent,” he complains to the Angels owner. “They don’t have it!” Knox was once a catcher in the big leagues with a promising career until Ranch Wilder, now the Angels play-by-play commentator, slid into home plate with his spikes up and took out Knox’s knee. 

Interests… Knox doesn’t have many interests. He doesn’t seem to enjoy managing. He hates talking to the media. He hates children. He doesn’t like strangers, or even his friends. He does, however, enjoy getting in a belligerent shouting match with the umpire, turning the bill of his cap around so he can get his face as close to the ump’s as possible. 

Relationship Status… single. 

Challenge… getting the Angels out of last place. At one point they were working on a 14-game losing streak. After yet another loss, he let them have it in the locker room. “You don’t play as a team. You don’t think as a team. You don’t even lose as a team!” He sees a glimmer of hope when a kid named Roger Bowman tells him he (and he alone) can see divine angels swooping down every so often to help the Angels make superhuman plays.

Personality… known for his “infamous temper,” Knox at various times fights his own pitcher on the mound during a game, kicks over the dugout Gatorade jug, upends the locker room buffet, and punches out Ranch Wilder on camera. There is but one remedy for his eternally sour mood: winning.

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