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Grew Up… in a middle class family in Weymouth, Mass. George’s best memories of his childhood were Saturday mornings when he would accompany his Dad to work in his big green truck. And he remembers when his mom would dress up like Loretta Young. Those were the happy times before everything fell apart and his dad filed for bankruptcy.

Living… in Miami. He and his wife Mirtha have a huge house that they use to entertain often. Their parties always have the three “c's” – champagne, caviar and Colombians.

Profession… drug dealer specializing in 100% pure Colombian cocaine. He got into the business after he got out of prison in Danbury, Connecticut, where he was locked up for dealing marijuana. As he explains, "Danbury wasn't a prison; it was a crime school. I went in with a Bachelor of marijuana and came out with a Doctorate of cocaine."

Interests… sampling the products he sells. Apparently, the official toxicity limit for an average person is 1-1.5 grams of cocaine. He is averaging five grams a day, maybe more. He even snorted 10 grams in 10 minutes once. He has a high tolerance, to say the least.

Relationship Status… not as passionate with Mirtha as they used to be. She is still is very sexy. But since they had a daughter, things haven’t been the same between them.

Challenge… being attacked from two ruthless sides – the Medellin drug cartel that wants to replace him and the police officers that want to take him down.

Personality… arrogant, somewhat lazy, and smooth. As George graduates from marijuana to cocaine dealing, though, he is becoming the three “a’s” – ambitious, angry, and anxious. He may be in over his head. 

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