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George Christopher

Bored to Death

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About Him

Grew up… as a member of the affluent, WASPy New York elite. George has been surrounded by fame and fortune for his entire life, which explains why he’s so bored of his life of excess and glamour.

Living… in Manhattan. George is (and always will be) a part of Manhattan’s old guard. He lives at the top of New York society, frequenting gallery openings, literary parties and the glitzy bars of the Upper East Side.

Profession… editor of Edition magazine. George isn’t only Jonathan Ames’s boss, he’s a friend (and, when it comes to pot, a leech). It seems like George gets a lot more schmoozing done than he does editing.

Interests… pot. George has been smoking weed “since the 60s,” and he’s not about to stop anytime soon. He’s also been known to enjoy a drink or two (or five). Rather than be ashamed of his vices, he revels in them: “I’m going to drink as much booze and smoke as much pot as I want!”

Relationship Status… divorced. George has always had a very enlightened outlook on human sexuality. He doesn’t believe in social rules or the typical sexual mores of 21st Century America.

Challenge… finding something that will properly entertain him. George has the problem of having seen it all. He’s so bored with his life that he finds himself getting in trouble with his friend Jonathan almost on purpose, solely to keep life interesting.

Personality… outrageous, epicurean and jaded. George is an extraordinarily interesting and sophisticated socialite who relies heavily on booze and pot just to keep going. He blames his addictions on life’s difficulty. “Men face reality,” he quotes from Jonathan’s first novel. “Women don’t. That’s why men need to drink.”

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